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Carbon Innovations GmbH

Carbon Innovations GmbH can draw on many years and a wealth of experience in the field of waste and exhaust gas utilization as well as efficient and sustainable energy production.

This wealth of experience is used to efficiently and effectively implement the goals of economically, ecologically and socially sensible waste and exhaust gas use as well as sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly energy production.

Services and business goals

The innovative company Carbon Innovations GmbH can look back on more than 30 years of know-how in the fields of electronic and automation
technology, waste and exhaust gas utilization, production and optimization of i.a. raw materials and products, as well as the efficient, sustainable
and ecological power generation. We can therefore offer effective problem solutions for numerous socially relevant problem areas.

The scope of services includes among others:

- consultancy, technical advice and services related to the production of materials / recycling materials,
- project planning and implementation in the field of waste and exhaust gas utilization,
- planning, designing and construction of plant machinery, equipment and systems, as well as technical facilities for processing materials of all kinds,
- Rational use of conventional energy sources, planning and realization of projects for the production of for example, electricity and heat from renewable energy sources, such as from previously unused potentials from waste and exhaust gases,

Our scope of work ranges from the info collection and consultation to the actual implementation, realization and support

Carbon Innovations GmbH,

- Your reliable partner in the field of innovative economical waste and exhaust gas utilization
- Your reliable partner for innovative utilization systems for the substitution of cost-intensive filter systems
- Your reliable partner in solving ecological problems (such as waste, greenhouse gases, etc.) while maintaining high profitability
- your reliable partner in the implementation of innovative, economical and environmentally relevant projects

(Keywords: Nearly emission-free power generation, decontamination of land and contaminated sites, etc.)

From the idea to the operation of the corresponding plant systems, we are a strong, reliable partner.

Management, founders and networks

A team of experienced and motivated specialists and strong partner networks are the two pillars for successful project implementations.

Franz Josef Philipp has been a successful inventor for more than 30 years and works in the field of waste and exhaust gas utilization.

Volker Haxel has been active in the electronics industry for over 30 years and is a successful entrepreneur.

Dennis Christopher Philipp is a studied economist and can rely on a comprehensive knowledge of i.a. complex economic processes.

With the aim to make the world a better place they combined their experiences and founded a joint company that offers technologies for socially and ecologically sustainable energy generation which is at the same time economically efficient and profitable.

Products and services

Our focus is on the implementation of projects.
Raw materials, products, machinery as well as plant / equipment systems are evaluated and selected.
We get equally involved in the construction and production processes and ensure the quality management.

Our services range from consulting and brainstorming to project development, turnkey implementation and qualified operation.
Planning and implementation of treatment and recycling/utilization plants, as well as energy projects in various sizes (100 - 5000 tons / d) with our partner networks.
We serve additional services from our own wealth of experience and / or the wealth of experience of our partner networks.

Carbon Innovations GmbH is able to offer a wide range of products, as the different systems are modular and can therefore be used independently. For example, it is possible to "only" optimize the processing of raw materials and / or to supplement your incinerator with our exhaust gas utilization system.
However, the "true" potential of the technologies is only "exhausted" in the overall implementation of all or at least several systems.

Locations and markets

In addition to our headquarters in Germany and Europe, we and our partner networks are represented almost globally. These includes i.a. future markets e.g. in Turkey, Central Asia, as well as on the American and African continents, including Kenya and South Africa.
(Business Development for ZA: Mr. Armin Schwarztrauber)

Our services in the areas of energy production and utilization are constantly expanding.

In addition we and our partner networks offer i.a. concepts for local implementation, local sales and marketing.

Carbon Innovations GmbH
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06618 Naumburg (Saale)

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