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We (Carbon Innovations GmbH) offer solutions for numerous socially relevant problem areas.

We offer highly innovative and unique technologies i.a. for the conversion of polluting combustion processes of all kinds into environmentally friendly and highly efficient process systems.

We plan, build, install and operate these technologies in cooperation with your experts, regardless of whether it is a matter of retrofitting existing plants or completely new constructions (greenfield projects).

We support our customers and partners among other things in the improvement of raw material and waste processing, waste utilization, manufacturing of new products for further use in the area of exhaust gas purification/utilization, fuel production, fuel optimization, energy production and thus optimization of the previous plant processes.

This makes the plants of our customers and partners more efficient, more economical and above all, more environmentally friendly. We accompany you from the planning to the operation of your plant.

These are our goals: highly economical plants with simultaneous protection of nature and the environment!
Process diagrams* (FHKW & GDK):
(*stand without upgrades/modifications)
carbon carbon
System diagram*:
(*after upgrade/modification)
These are your advantages:

1. Up to 99.9 % utilization of all waste and exhaust gases - in particular CO2 -
2. Utilization of all other pollutants such as fine dust or nitrogen oxides
3. Almost complete material utilization without external energy supply
4. no complicated storage of CO2 but direct utilization at the source
5. Usage of all waste and exhaust gases
6. Production of high-quality catalyst materials for reuse in the cycle
7. Avoidance of expensive CO2 certificates
8. Improvement of plant efficiency by up to 30%
9. Reduction of the fuel requirement by up to 30%
10. Economical production of high-quality (diesel) fuels
11. Quality improvement of inferior coal
12. Elimination of the hazards caused by bad coal in boilers, pipes and other installations
13. Production of various additional products, such as:
      • Building and special additives
      • Non-combustible carbon fibres (as composite material with fire protection properties)
      • Various compounds/composites
14. Efficient, economical and environmentally friendly use of coal and other fossil fuels
15. Existing coal-fired power plants (or waste incineration plants / fossil fuel power plants)
     • can be retrofitted with the new technology within about 9 months without any significant impact on operation
16. Step-by-step modular conversion
process example

    • Technical engineering assessment of the actual situation (e.g. of the existing plant and the raw material preparation)
    • Preparation of a technical concept for the individual adaptation of the existing plant as well as the raw material processing
    • Production of an almost homogeneous, high-calorific product from e.g. wastes
    • Drastic reduction of raw material processing costs
    • Sale or personal use of the high-calorific product, e.g. for energy generation, etc.

  System performance   8 to/h x 22 h/d = 176 to/d

              176 to/d x 320 d/a = 56.320 to/a
process example

    • Evaluation of yields and decision on possible further plant modifications, upgrades and extensions
    • Preparation of a technical concept for modification, upgrading, expansion of the plant for the production:
       • of e.g. catalysts, optionally storable energy carriers, etc.
    • Production of the corresponding products (catalysts, optionally storable energy carriers, etc.)
    • Sale or own use of the manufactured products (catalysts, optionally storable energy carriers, etc.)

  System performance   500 to/d

              500 to/d x 320 d/a = 160.000 to/a
Solution for exhaust gas/CO2 problems:
By using special irradiations and catalysts in the utilization system,
the exhaust gases (especially CO2) are almost completely,
economically profitable, recycled.

All types of exhaust gases (residue-free utilization)

Significant increase in the efficiency of existing and new plants

Almost emission-free energy generation with production of an
optionally storable energy carrier
Historical overview of technologies
1983 - Start of our waste recovery technologies
"From waste to mortar / building material for earthquake and flood protection"
1991 - Expansion of the technology
"From waste to decontamination material / chemical absorber."
1995 - Creation of replacement material for asbestos
"From Waste to reinforcement fiber material / roof elements"
2002 - Concentration on the oil and chemical industry
"From waste to oil- and chemical-binding constructions."
2018 - New developments
"Utilization of waste and exhaust gases to energy / storable energy carriers / utilization of emission gases by irradiation and catalysis processes / fiber materials, etc."
The historical overview does not only show "expansions of the technology", but shows moreover some fundamental, new developments over the course of time.
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